Her outrage was an inextricable part of her humanity
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May 16 is officially Denise Levertov Day in Seattle. On the eve of this celebration of her life and work, Paul Constant covers the personal, artistic transformations of Levertov by asking, "How do you immortalize a willfully uncategorizable poet?" Jan Wallace writes of remembering and bearing witness. Emily Warn traces nature and spirituality in Levertov's work.
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What a fucking TITAN.
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Great post, thanks. That Paul Constant link is a really nice remembrance - funny, thoughtful, and informative. (Love the sculpture on her tombstone.)

Levertov's early anti-war poems are one of the major reasons I love poetry. Encountered them at just the right time, and they opened up a new world of reading to a budding activist who'd never thought of poetry that way before.
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Interesting--they're one of the reasons I grew interested in activism, peace, and social justice! I encountered them as an undergrad, studying poetry with Louise Gluck, and they just bonked me hard on the noggin. Really bothered me, even. Sand under the saddle, over the years.

I love almost all her different styles and periods, though.
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