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This past year, artist Lucy Gafford developed an intriguing new medium. It's well suited to evocative sketches of simple subjects -- a portrait of Mom, a still life of avocados, a cat, a feeding pig. Please enjoy her hashtag exhibition, #ShowerHairMasterpiece.
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The paneling of my shower is plastic, but it's faux-marble or something, and somehow there's a mosquito-trapped-in-amber sort of thing going on on the back wall. I like incorporating it into my own showerhair masterpieces.
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I would totally do this all the time, but I already have a lot of important daydreaming to do when I'm in the shower.
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These are all pretty cool, but for some reason the one of the pig eating a hair lunch gives me a slight gaggy feeling. I do not understand why this is.
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I prefer to explore in three dimensions by making sculptures out of whatever I find clogging the drainpipe.
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That's a hairless cat, isn't it?
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She is obviously working with very limited materials. I could do a half-scale Guernica fom my morning shower drain collection of post-partum hair loss.
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Gross. Doesn't anyone else just bin the hair that comes out during a shower?

My flatmates just let theirs go down the drain. It clogs. I'm left to pull out their hair. Yes I'm bitter!
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Wow. It took me disturbingly long to figure this out.

Well played, Countess, well played indeed.
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Oooh! Oooh! I can do this! Quick, how do you do that "twitter" thing? I've got pictures and pictures of sculptures I made by arranging banana peels in my freezer.
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Man... when I quit my job in 2012 to take my design and animation studio full-time, I too invented this medium, and thought about selling prints. I thought it could become a craze where people felt these images belonged on their bathroom walls. I created 7-8 pieces, but they were pretty terrible. I have much shorter hair, so the line control is lacking. Also, the way I conceived of the art form back then, it requires that the drawing is made with my toes, after they grab the hair out of the drain. I got pretty good with my toes, but the craftsmanship of it is not always easy to appreciate for the casual viewer. Or for anyone, really.

Seeing Gafford's work makes me content that I probably made the right choice in not pursuing the idea further. Her hair is considerably more expressive. Nevertheless, hopefully this post ensures me a mention in art history books.
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