How Much Do Athletes Make?
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Salaries, attendance figures, social media footprints, and other data from 17 pro sports leagues worldwide. Ever wondered who earns more, NBA athletes who went to college in Ohio or players in the Scottish Premier League? Or who has a higher payroll, the Minnesota Wild or the Kolkata Knight Riders? Or who has more twitter followers, Aston Villa or the Hiroshima Toyo Carp? Wonder no more.
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So its just downloadable data with no structuring narrative?
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The EPL is fascinating because for the most part the other big euro leagues are dominated by a single team or a duo of teams. In contrast there are 5 true superpower clubs in English football with City and Chelsea making the move to elite under oil billions. Yet even with the top 5 more or less a given you can have unusual results like Sunderland forcing a tie with Arsenal today
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Does this mean fivethirtyeight can now feel safe to go "all politics" and drop the sports stats? (you know they want to)
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Some interesting data but I feel like their analysis is lacking in any real insight (based on a scan through the report, I didn't read every page). For example a key feature of the modern NHL is an enforced salary cap, so it shouldn't really be too much of a surprise that there's not that much disparity between the top and bottom clubs in terms of average pay.

I assume being UK based their football (soccer) analysis goes a little deeper though.
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" the NHL—a league played on ice—"

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Dammit, vuron, I didn't expect spoilers in this thread. I work from home, and watch the EPL and pan-European league matches we get in the US on my cable package, which certainly isn't all of them (I like watching sports while I work). As someone from the US, I find the whole relegation/promotion and qualification for Champions/Europa league aspect of European football to be fascinating. Contextualizing this stuff is equally interesting.
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