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via NYT: "Each year, we put out a call for college application essays about money, work and social class. This year, we picked seven -- about pizza, parental sacrifice, prep school students, discrimination and deprivation."
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I enjoyed every single one of these essays. Good luck, kids. Good luck in a world where the people who run it keep secret their own views on money, work, and social class. The people who work at the New York Times and the people who own the New York Times would rather put forth feel-good narratives about upward social mobility than describe the vectors of money and power that determine the reality of our daily lives. Talk of money is rather gauche in their rarefied realms, you see, as is conversation about social class.
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Martina Piñeiros' gorgeous, devastating essay really stood out to me:

"Fatigue and two jobs had ruined who both my parents used to be, and I began to value the little time I had with my mother more than ever before. This little time could not make up for the time I spent alone, however, nor could it assuage the envy I had of the little girl my mother looked after. She, though not my mother’s daughter, had the privilege of having my mother and her delicious cooking all to herself; I would always get the leftovers. She also had the privilege of having my mother pin her silky blond hair into a pretty bun before ballet classes while my dad wrestled with the hairbrush to pull my thick brown hair into two lopsided ponytails before dropping me off at the bus stop. But I couldn’t blame the girl for depriving me of my mother; her parents had also been consumed by their jobs."
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"Mi hija, por favor pregunta si piedo applicar" he eagerly pleads to me.

I refuse to believe the NYT can't even bother to invest in a single Spanish-speaking copy editor, que carajo actual.
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