B.B. St. Roman
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B.B. St. Roman [formerly Barbara Becker] is the only staff member for the New Orleans Police Department Homeless Assistant Unit. Before helping the homeless, she traveled the world, recording sound for documentaries .... And at one point, she became the tour manager for Dr. John, Louisiana musician and legend. Her film audio credits include Mother Teresa and Shamans of the Blind Country a film ethnography of the Himalayas. TEDx talk, and here's her Facebook page.
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Via FanFare!
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n.b.: Not the former wife of Boris Becker.
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I'm trying to get in with SFPD. My friends ask me why in the world would I want to become a cop. She is why. Thank you for the beautiful post.
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I don't think she's a sworn officer. It would be hard for her to do her job as a sworn officer because the job requires arresting people and a lot of time that isn't the best move. That's why you put a staff member and not a sworn member in that position.

Good for you looking to do one of the toughest jobs out there.
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Also, she's 68. Most departments have forced retirement at 55.
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She's a civilian employee of the NoLA PD, which isn't uncommon--most support staff are civilians. 2004 Times Picayune story. She was very resourceful during Katrina, too.
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