"You were not responsive,
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"You were not responsive, lying on a bed of sheets covered with blood." A young woman crashes her car, is airlifted to the hospital, and goes on life support. Her parents continue her 10-year-old diary during her stay in intensive care. Years later it's all posted to the web.
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It's long, and it's not new, but it hadn't been posted here before and I found it to be quite powerful. A tragic predecessor to the group blog. (The site is in the process of moving, so there are a few dead links; the cast of characters is still here, for example.)
posted by D at 6:19 PM on February 21, 2002

That's pretty creepy. Eccch.
posted by acridrabbit at 11:23 PM on February 21, 2002

Creepy, or... beautiful?

It's weird the way the father writes about her, seeing as he's a doctor. He gets all technical.

I hate to spoil it, but there really is a happy ending to it all.
posted by D at 8:38 AM on February 22, 2002

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