April 28, 2000
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COMICON.com Splash is reporting that the DC Comics company has pulped the entire print run of the fifth issue of LEAGUE OF EXTRAORDINARY GENTLEMEN because it reprinted an actual Victorian-era ad for a douche syringe that included the word 'vaginal'. The maker of the syringe was the MARVEL CO. It's not clear whether DC publisher Paul Levitz destroyed the comic because of the term or the reference to Marvel. Marvel Comics is, of course, DC Comics' main competitor.
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Didn't Marvel declare bankruptcy a few years ago? They don't really need to rub it in :)
Not any comics from th' big companies worth reading now. I miss "Kraven's Last Hunt."
posted by sonofsamiam at 5:56 PM on April 28, 2000

Well, LEAGUE OF EXTRAORDINARY GENTLEMEN is written by Alan Moore. You know, the guy who wrote WATCHMEN and SWAMP THING in the 80's. He's probably the biggest writer in comics, and this was an extremely low blow.
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Does it surprise you that DC is such a nervous nelly? They pulped a press run of a comic that had an OBVIOUS comedic strip in it by Kyle Baker that featured a Superbaby in a microwave that a babysitter couldn't keep track of. This doesn't amaze me one bit.
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