“They bent over backwards to take care of me.”
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“I assume if you’re here, there’ll be more people behind ya,”

*that* is a wonderful attitude from care providers. Fuck yeah, VA medical staff.
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Donna Jean cracked me up: I had to revoke my white-guy card. When you're a man everything is easy, even if you're an idiot.

That's something I can see my sister relating to.
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Dust, eyes. Thank you.
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The VA has been doing an excellent job of caring for transgender veterans. Many VAMCs have policies in effect which state that veterans may specify which pronouns are used during their care. For example, here's Boston's. The mental health services line in many VA systems also have LGBT care coordinators who work to ensure that vets are treated with respect and sensitivity regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity.
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Good post, thanks...
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I'm happy to be able to call some of these women my friends.
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Oh, and if you clicked through to Caroline's blog you may have seen this, but she was also interviewed briefly for a local station's post-Jenner interview newscast.
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And I think her NYT trans storywall project just went up: Caroline Anne L'huillier - Former Chief Warrant Officer, U.S. Army from New Orleans
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