A world of handmade sound
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If you like unusual musical instruments along the lines of those designed and built by microtonalist Harry Partch, or sound sculpture artist Jean Tinguely, for example, you might want to check out the Anarchestra.
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I wish there was time to introduce you to every instrument that Andy has created, but there's over two hundred of them...

I'll be here all night, so go ahead please.
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Interesting to watch that video and try to figure out what part of the world those uninhibited people inhabit. The bandcamp site says the Anarchestra (when not on the road) lives in Tucson, Arizona. Words (to go with the music) here and (earlier) here.
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A bit of a derail, but can you link to Yves Tanguy's sound sculptures? I've only ever known him for his paintings...
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A bit of a derail, but can you link to Yves Tanguy's sound sculptures?

I would not mind derailing one bit, only right now I realized it was a cognitive mistake on my part. It is not Yves Tanguy, it is Jean Tinguely. Haha! Gonna ask a mod if they can fix that...
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Cognitively I think they might work together; a little Jean Tinguely/Yves Tanguy mashup might be nice!
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[Fixed name mixup, carry on. ]
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I used to have a couple of print copies of the Journal of Experimental Musical Instruments; it was fascinating stuff.
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Nice, very Partch-esque to look at. I love his idea of making new instruments as a democratisation thing. There's a lot of experimental music/instrument builder cats out there, but a lot of their motivations seem more inward looking. That political dimension of what he's doing is really cool. I wonder how effective the instruments are in getting amateurs to have a go? Or getting amateurs and trained musicians playing together? I'd love to know more.
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This is neat. They looked like a lot of fun to make, and most of the ones shown made interesting sounds. What a great project.
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I wish to be these people.
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I want a Soren.

Makes you think about how many different ways an instrument can create (acoustic) sound. Percussion; pluck, strike or bow a string; lips, reed (brass/woodwind) or simply blowing over an opening (flute); rubbing the edge of a crystal glass...
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This is great. My mom is a musician and makes weird homemade instruments as a side hobby/workshop gig. As a kid I was never allowed to throw out things like yogurt cups "because wait, I'm going to make chicken squawkers out of those!"
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