Why isn't this a proper Disney series?
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What with Disney owning Marvel, you'd think they'd found a way to crossover all their various princesses by now. Until they finally do, have all your Disney princesses needs met with Amy Mebberson's Pocket Princesses.
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This reminds me quite a bit of the classic Disney Princesses have Issues, except heavier on the cute, and a lot lighter on the snark.
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Why isn't this a proper Disney series?

Because Disney Princesses never interact with each other or even recognise the others in the same illustration.
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Where's Loki.
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Snow White, maybe?
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These are so awesome! Loved seeing Kuzco pop up, too.
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Amy Mebberson is terrific! She did some amazing work on the late, great Muppet Show comic for Boom!
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Where's Loki.
The best Disney character to play that role without genderswapping would be Kuzko from Emperor's New Groove (in human form). Snow White would be much better as Squirrel Girl. And Mebberson did a previous "Marvel Princesses", but the big question is "who can be She-Hulk?"

Why isn't this a proper Disney series?
I've been following Mebberson and her Pocket Princesses for some time and have wondered it myself. She has made a FAQ where she explains that she sometimes works for Disney on other things so she has to make very specific rules about her "fan art". But why Disney isn't BEGGING her to work on making this a TV cartoon I just don't know... there is already one with a redesigned Seven Dwarves ("The 7D") in some other kingdom, and another with a new princess "Sofia the First" so canon is NO excuse.

I especially enjoy the 'cameos' from other Disney-owned characters: Princess Leia should just move in; I had to look up Eilonwy from The Black Cauldron and Kida from Atlantis; The Charming Initiative was a hoot; and everybody needs a 'memory foam' Baymax.

But the Best Ever was the lineup of "Princess Time Lords", and she NEEDS to add Elsa and Anna for the War Doctor and Capaldi.
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I think I just discovered "why Disney isn't BEGGING her to work on making this a TV cartoon". More than 5 years ago (before Mebberson began her Pocket Princesses), a couple of artists independently made a proposal containing a lot of the necessary pre-production for a 'theatrical short' titled "Princess Academy" with EVERY female Disney character who could minimally qualify as a 'princess' when they were derailed as Disney shut down its Theatrical 2D operation in favor of all-3D CGI. I don't understand how this could have been anything less than a full-length feature and why it couldn't be 3D, but the creators had their own 'bad breakup' so the concept was left to die.
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