Actually, I have no idea what a blue corn moon is.
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Oh, somehow I had evaded the fact that Judy Kuhn, who I know primarily as Florence in the US production of Chess (Someone Else's Story should be a song that every single cabaret singer has in their set), also was Pocahontas for Disney. And I certainly had NOT heard she was in Fun Home, the show that has gotten so much buzz on Broadway this year I nearly want to fly to NYC just to see it.
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Kuhn is fantastic, no doubt about that, but I'm a little disturbed by the whole "blue corn moon" thing. Turns out it was flat made up. Something about that makes me irritable and sad. Hell, the whole song does, because it's such noble-savagery.
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I just saw "Fun Home" last night! Outstanding performances from everyone in the cast, Kuhn included.
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Judy Kuhn doesn't have too much to do in Fun Home, but she is so great in it!
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Man, I just love Judy Kuhn's non-chirpy, normal-person singing in Pocahontas. She's the best.
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