Filming everyday life near the end of the Soviet Union
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Oops, should have included, via Real USSR.
posted by Rumple at 12:34 PM on May 29, 2015

Oh my God. Thank you, a thousand times thank you, for this.
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I miss "Feeding the informers on Kalinin Prospekt."
posted by jfuller at 1:13 PM on May 29, 2015

That's a pretty rockin' multi-family apartment.
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Trabbies!! Trabbies everywhere!!
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That State of The Soviet Union report is pretty awful. Apparently, homosexuality & heavy metal music are signs of a society in decay and those poor Soviet women have to resort to prostitution, unlike the United States where such things never happen.
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The grocery store... Can anyone provide some narration, so to speak? At the checkout line are they paying or just turning over ration coupons? The cashier doesn't seem interested in actually seeing everything they have.

And why did those women look so worried waiting for the bottles? That one young girl looked fearful. Was it wine or alcohol of some sort? Seems like a small bottle.

And what were the various grocery items that were shown?
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The nightclub one was not what I expected. Seemed life a wedding aftermath. And no one seemed to be having much fun except the one girl near the end.

It just seemed like a banquet Hall or a bfw not a place where young folks would go, which is what I would expect from a nightclub. Maybe this was the norm for the not well - connected?

All of these really remind me if how Inspector O describes NK in those books.
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The multi family apt goes to the night club one.
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How was he able to film this? Didn't the ussr not like usa? Camera equipment of the time was large and obvious and everyone knows he's filming.

I don't know my history well enough to understand how normal or odd any of this is for the time or for the country.
posted by sio42 at 3:59 PM on May 29, 2015

In the subway video there's a guy w a giant poster talking about ufos and attracting quite a gathering. There's a comment that explains this. So awesome.
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Moscow buskers preform "That's All Right Mama" at 6:26 of subway segment.
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I was trying to figure out what that song was!
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I like the way that the sign above the wine store just says "Wine." Although, come to think of it, since I live in one of the many U.S. states where liquor is a state monopoly, that's basically what the sign above the place where I buy my wine looks like too.
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Yeah, it made me very faintly nostalgic about Seattle's old state-run liquor stores.
posted by You Can't Tip a Buick at 7:02 PM on May 29, 2015

For a rather extreme contrast: "2:30am at a 7-11 near Disney World - 1987" (previously on MeFi)
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My Dog, the Soviet Union was one huge shit hole.
posted by InsertNiftyNameHere at 5:06 PM on May 30, 2015

How was he able to film this?

By this time, Gorbachev's Glasnost was in full swing and the USSR was basically open to visitors from outside. Freedom of speech & the press were slowly becoming established and cultural & business exchanges with the outside world were encouraged.
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