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"Vivid Sydney is an 18 day festival of light, music and ideas bringing Australia's Emerald City to life as winter approaches. This year Vivid began on 22 May and finishes on 8 June. Just for once, I'll let my camera do the talking..." Example of a light show on the Customs House (YouTube, Doctor Who 50th Anniversary). posted by joseph conrad is fully awesome (5 comments total) 3 users marked this as a favorite
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When this started I joked that it was a festival sponsored by Vivid Video, the porn company.
But seriously it's odd, since Vivid is basically 2 festivals in one. There's the tourist-trap light shows (sorry, 'light art') that take over the Opera House and Circular Quay. They're pretty, but there's not much too them. There's the music, which can be quite good - this year has Bill Callahan, Morrisey, and Sydney's best garage rock band Royal Headache dealing with stage invaders and cops at the Opera House. It's such an odd juxtaposition- last year at Vivid I saw Royal Headache's frontman perform with some South American or African dancer.
Then there's the odder events as part of Ideas - Matthew Wiener giving a speech, Robot Wars on today, drone fights in Martin Place... cool shit.
But it makes most of its money from tourists gawking at pretty lights, which leads to annoying crowds.
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I was just about to post about how awesome Vivid is and then I saw that I was linked as a via! I am totally chuffed.
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As far as music goes, anyone in Sydney or there to attend Vivid should check out Jane Tyrrell (Spotify, Raven on youtube).
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I was one of those annoying tourists last year. I absolutely loved it.
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