John McAbery Sculptures
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Here's his website with more information.
posted by noneuclidean at 4:32 PM on May 29, 2015 [1 favorite]

Amazing. Thanks for the post.
posted by Johnny Wallflower at 5:15 PM on May 29, 2015 [1 favorite]

Those look nothing like John McAbery.
posted by the uncomplicated soups of my childhood at 5:37 PM on May 29, 2015 [1 favorite]

The sculptures are amazing, so in curiosity I looked up the wood species to see how it held together in such a delicate form. The California Bay Laurel is a highly sought after hardwood with many workability options.

It can be shaped into amazing things.
posted by Benway at 6:03 PM on May 29, 2015

Was expecting this. Was pleasantly surprised.
posted by milnak at 6:50 PM on May 29, 2015

Hand drill, keyhole saw, microplane and sandpaper only.
That's not carving.
I'll be quiet now.
posted by srt19170 at 7:50 PM on May 29, 2015

Wood is such a remarkably versatile and beautiful material.. I've often thought that it would seem miraculous if it were something someone had invented, rather than a nearly ubiquitous feature of the world around us (or most of us anyway..)
posted by Nerd of the North at 9:47 PM on May 29, 2015 [2 favorites]

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