A café setting that makes birds relatable, like they're in a soap opera
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"When it really hit me that Piip Show wasn't happening again this year, that really gave me the push to set this up." Visit Junco's Pub: Tiniest Pub in Newfoundland (live stream), from Mefi's own stokast - see full project description on MeFi Projects; FAQ.
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I can't wait for morning!
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I think the Duke of Duckworth is smaller. But Junco's is prettier.
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Someday I'll remember to look at this during the daytime! I love the idea, though.
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Oh my God, this is perfect. It's so cute I can't stand it.

From the FAQ:

My dad, Jon Lien, was an animal behaviourist, a professor at MUN here in St. John’s. He was well-known for his work with whales, but really he started out doing research on wild birds. He’d love watching the juncos from our kitchen table at our house in Portugal Cove, and I was always amazed at how he seemed to be able to understand what was happening out there, how they were interacting with each other. Juncos are cantankerous little friggers, and dad really pointed that out to me first. It wasn’t just, “lah-dee-dah, I’m enjoying these wild birds, aren’t they so beautiful and free,” but he’d be really carefully keeping track of how they were interacting with each other. Sometimes he’d even take his students out to our house to watch and record the behaviour of these juncos and jays and chickadees...

Dad passed away five years ago, but as homage to him there’s a miniature version of a whale poster his Whale Research Group published in the corner of the pub……

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So, real life Hatoful Boyfriend?
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This is charming.

Just today we were watching a one-legged female cardinal, and her two-legged boyfriend bringing her seeds, and we could not get over how it looked like they were smooching every time she took a seed from him.
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I am looking forward to the avian Roadhouse sequel.

"You know, for that line of work I thought you'd be bigger."
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He's even on TV. Lovely idea, thanks a lot!
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Thanks, joseph...! I am so proud to have a project of mine make it to the blue!

Stories were on Buzzfeed, CBC, Laughing Squid and Mashable, but having this make Metafilter is totally the coolest thing ever.
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How many MeFites we got in St. John's anyhow? I don't wanna miss out on the meetup possibilities.
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