This Gene, and Carl my training partner.
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This is obviously the reason you came to Metafilter today: videos of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu demonstrations featuring a big, friendly pitbull. Supplemental material: posted by entropone (32 comments total) 22 users marked this as a favorite
Where is the behind the scenes footage of him putting that enormous meatball into a gi? I demand this footage to be released for the good of the people.
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That dog is one big soppy sack of aww. Which is good, because his sparring partner's genitals are a lot closer to a pitbull's jaws than I'm ever letting mine get.
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What he calls a scissor sweep at the beginning looked to me closer to the variation on the flower-sweep that Xande used against Marcelo and explained in Arte Suave.

"You want to grab the gi, or in this case the tail."
posted by daveliepmann at 10:39 AM on June 1, 2015

OMG what a fantastic uke! #1 drill partner!

Previously, a little boy stopped a less friendly pit bull with an RNC.
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Carl: We playing?
Carl: Why my head in your crotch
Carl: I'll just lie here to advertise the fact that I have reached a Zen state
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A weaponized dog!
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Ah, dang it, I now want a dog again even with we have no space for one in our lives. It's like hearing about Bloodborne and wanting a PS4 even though you never play video games anymore.
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His dojo is very homey, although I question his credentials if he awarded Dainty(sp?) that black belt. Or maybe it's belt in Cute, or Chewing; I'm not sure.
posted by achrise at 11:05 AM on June 1, 2015

That is a remarkably calm dog, but I have to be that guy and point out that he's pretty uncomfortable in that second video. Did he almost pass out in that hold? I really, really like the concept, though.

Hell, I'm also going to be that guy who points out that the "less friendly pit bull" up there says that the dog was originally incorrectly IDed. Aggressive dogs tend to be IDed as 'pit bulls' by default, so take any witness or media accounts of pit bull attacks with a big grain of salt.
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Pitbulls are very obedient and eager to please. That's why it's easy to train them to be assholes. Carl there is just hanging out with his human pal, doing whatever, not really putting up a fuss.
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I think this dog just put me over the line on my dog-decision making process...I'm gonna start the search for realsies...good thing St. Loo is full of pits needing rescue!
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achrise, that was the (very) deadpan point he made with it--he said "I've given her this black belt in karate...they'll give anybody a black belt in karate."

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Also: the puppy-teething going on on Gene's left foot was like critical levels of awwwww. I'd better breathe into a paper bag for a while.
posted by theatro at 11:23 AM on June 1, 2015

Scritch the belly, Johnny!
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Very cool. My cats only train no-gi, so I never get to practice the bow-and-arrow choke with them.
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Thanks, I didn't catch that.
posted by achrise at 11:37 AM on June 1, 2015

I didn't either until my second time watching, because my head was full of PUPPYYYYYYZOMG sorts of keening noises.
posted by theatro at 11:42 AM on June 1, 2015

I'll just lie here to advertise the fact that I have reached a Zen state

Back when my wife was taking BJJ she'd try to practice stuff on me, and I was remarkably less calm. Carl is an impressive doggy.
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I briefly did BJJ and most of my sessions were FUCK FUCK SHIT GODDAMMIT AHHHH FUCK FUCK AHHHH SHIT so yeah that dog is amazing.
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I'll just lie here to advertise the fact that I have reached a Zen state

To me it looked like "He kill me, I play dead now."
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Who's got a big head
Who's got a big ol' puppy head

My 1 year old lab/pit mix has an incredible sprawl and full-mount guard, based on his innate ability to squirm around on his back in bed and kick me with all four limbs, while thrashing his open jaws around. He's more of a natural welterweight, though.
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It's fine, I didn't want to do anything today other than wonder how I can get my pittie to go along with this.
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Mod note: Comment removed; dropping a link to a page about dog attacks into a thread that's not remotely about that is not cool and not something to do.
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"Take your left leg, and put it across his body."
"Now your other leg is gonna come up over his shoulder."
puppy runs free eehehe

Jiu Jitsu Unspoken Lesson: Be A Black-Belt Puppy
posted by fraula at 3:18 PM on June 1, 2015

Haven't gotten to watch the vids yet, since I'm at work, but I'll just drop this link to my friend's cats rolling bjj style.
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I wrestle with my pitty all the time and can confirm a few things:

- The look of "I don't know what doing, but I'm OK with it" is a perfectly natural pitbull state of being, perhaps the most natural

- This video involves fewer breaks to be chased around the house than I would have expected

- Controlling the head is key. So many headbutts, face licks, and face licks while headbutting
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fishNtits 1 year ago
but what about the erection?

Gene Cook, Jr 1 year ago in reply to fishNtits
we might address that in the next video. Sometimes this can't be avoided.

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Pitbulls are 90% slobber anyway.
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cutest jiu jitsu ever
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The phrase, "ok, now I've seen everything" actually formulated itself in my mind.
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good thing St. Loo is full of pits needing rescue!


Reading this made me so happy! My Zoe is 3, and was rescued just hours before she was to go to a high kill shelter when she was just 6 months old. She is made of velcro and kisses, sits on laps, and lives for scritchinz and cheese. She is, at this very moment, crashed out and snoring with her head resting on my hip (I'm lying in bed.).

Pibbles are lovey, dorky, happy dogs, and I am so happy you're looking for one to love!
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The Judo geek in me was all "Sure, take on an opponent with no opposable thumbs", but "holy crap them teeth are massive".
I want a dog again.
My new career working with disabled adults may allow me to bring my buddy to work. Would it not be fabulous if it were some dorky, loving pitty?
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