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LA-based photographer Jonpaul Douglass shoots his food, but never captive on a plate. Its forefathers having been imported from Italy centuries ago, and having an ancestor or relative in every nation's cuisine, the North American Thin-Crust Pepperoni Pizza (flatbreadus newyorkus pepperonica) has adapted mightily to the urban landscape of the US. Douglas's photoblog captures the pizzas in the wild, in all their glorious majesty-- sometimes whole, sometimes by the slice. This invertebrate adapts to the shape of its surroundings, but is unable to camouflage itself, and so is vulnerable to predation by pimpled teenagers, ninja turtles, inebriates, and so on. Though of course factory-farmed on a large scale across the globe, these wild specimens are a sight to behold.
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I bet they breed in spaghetti-tree forests.
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Sufficiently advanced advertisement is indistinguishable from art.
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I am so hungry I would hunt that pizza to extinction.
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I think most of these would work better individually than as part of a photo series. Some of the images are striking and funny, but they get drowned out. The volume makes the whole affair seem algorithmic rather than whimsical.
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That makes sense, since one of the threats facing the wild pizza is overpopulation.

And me.
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I love this. So much.
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I want him to do spaghetti, next.
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Saw this the other day and the context really helps!
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These look like ads to me. It doesn't even read as whimsical to me. I find it uninteresting and predictable.
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Another Breaking Bad spin off.
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Is it bad that I am 100% positive those pizzas are all from Little Caesars? I imagine if I were doing something like this I would splurge on various pies from different places. Between that and Douglass saying he is a "commercial photographer" on his about page I'm labeling this viral marketing.
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Lacking any evidence, either way, that this is or isn't advertising, I would say that Little Caesars would be the cheapest option for an artistic project like this, and that a commercial photographer's eye probably works the same when he's doing his own art. Frankly we should hope that his commercial photography is at least half as well composed as these pics.
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I want these pictures to have captions.

Every caption should be the same: "Oh no! My Pizza!"
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