Underwater street views
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Underwater pics mapped. Google Maps teamed up with XL Catlin Seaview Survey, NOAA's Office of National Marine Sanctuaries, and the Chagos Conservation Trust to put together an assortment of underwater views to explore. Previously.

You can explore brand new Street View imagery of more than 40 locations around the world, including the American Samoa and Chagos Islands and underwater dives in Bali, the Bahamas and the Great Barrier Reef. We hope the release of this imagery inspires people to learn more about this precious natural resource.

Bonus link: Streetviews of Remote Islands of the world
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A natural fit with the ecology of coming decades. I mean, otherwise how are they gonna chart out the floating ruins of Miami, etc.?
posted by Ogre Lawless at 10:16 AM on June 8, 2015

The shipwreck views are amazing! This is really cool.
posted by hurdy gurdy girl at 12:37 AM on June 9, 2015 [1 favorite]

Wow! Thank you.
posted by harrietthespy at 11:00 AM on June 9, 2015

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