Elizabeth McIntosh: Reporter, Spy, Author (1915-2015)
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Elizabeth McIntosh died this week. She witnessed Pearl Harbor as a reporter (her account was too graphic to be published), worked for OSS in Asia, tried to go back to journalism, wrote children's books, and became an advocate for and historian about women in the OSS and CIA.

There's also a Library of Congress Veteran's History Project Interview with McIntosh in which she talks about being in Hawaii and the attack on Pearl Harbor and about being a WW2 spy.

She talked to the Post 3 years ago about making friends in retirement with another OSS spy and about their experiences.
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Here's her graphic account of Pearl Harbor, first published in 2012.
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. What an interesting life.
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Her account is chilling...I have to wonder if it wasn't just the graphic nature of it that kept it from being published, but rather her praise of women.
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Worth noting that the Japanese did not bomb civilian neighborhoods in the attack - many of the civilian deaths were caused by friendly fire.
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I'm sorry I hadn't heard of her, or read her, until now.

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