A breakthrough in prosthetic technology.
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"The limb, developed by Professor Hubert Egger of the FH Upper Austria (University of Applied Sciences), allows wearers to tell which surface they are walking on and dramatically improves amputee's balance and coordination. The development could wipe out the phenomenon of phantom pain, where amputees can experience severe discomfort as the brain receives no neural feedback from their missing limb."

Phantom pain in amputees previously; previous posts on prosthetics and prosthetic legs.
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I can't help but imagine cash-strapped users modifying and repairing their robot feet themselves or perhaps taking them to Gibsonian strip mall hacker shops rather than dropping $50K every five years.
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Could there possibly be a nerdier name than "Professor Hubert Egger"?
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I don't care what his position actually is, he needs to be given the title "Head" so his business cards can say Prof. Egger, Head.
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I know some of you here remember the ancient times prior to having an iPhone on all the time, back when being connected was a pager and a hunt for a payphone.

Now imagine the flash of technology change when the mind-machine interface becomes just normal. I know I can't, but it's exhilarating, and really scary, we're all just pre-cyborg.
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