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Tiny hamster becomes a giant monster! Rivals the Goodies' Kitten Kong, and is also much shorter. Previously: 1, 2 and 3.
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Also the premise of one of the greatest South Parks of all time. Of all time.
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Oh man, the same thing happened to me once
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Britain in the early 70s was sufficiently dark and devoid of media that the audience would actually watch the 25 minutes of feeble and meandering lead up to the the appearance of the actual Kitten Kong sequence. And, hamster wise at least, the pace of editing for The Goodies, was lightening paced compared to the glacial Tales of the The Riverbank. But Hammy and Tim would have got along famously.
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I like how the "tiny hamster" series is enough of a success that multiple other channels are ripping off the concept, filming random hamsters doing hamster things and posting as their own "tiny hamster does this and that" videos.
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Out of curiosity, does anyone know what the music is? Is it anything well-known, or is it just some production-music pastiche of The Sorcerer's Apprentice?
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So good!
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I was wondering when Cloverfield 2 would come out.
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So many questions!!

Who makes their helicopters out of blueberries and expects to win against anything?

How did they get the costume to stay on? My hamsters always wriggled out of anything. Except fleece socks. They loved them some fleece socks.

The music! This is bothering me too- I know what that is and can't place it. I will now be forced to spend the rest of the afternoon with tiny hamster in one ear and famous storm sequences from ballets and operas in the other....
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