6th round Fortinbras
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Theater reported like sports! Marcus DeMarcus - 6'7" 275 - commits to Juilliard with a minor in ballet! Claudius and Gertrude? It's a no-brainer. Featuring Steppenwolf theater gains AND losses. Top choice for Ophelia? It's Jenna, 5'7", 132, out of the London Academy. In the crawl: MATCHUPS: Elphaba vs. the Wizard, Land of Oz. MATCHUPS: Montagues vs. Capulets 6PM ET Verona.
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Lost me with the one-two punch of a joke about boobs and then calling Hamlet a Dutch prince.

Sloppy reporting, that. I expect better from America's top-ranked theater news program.
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I immediately thought of PDQ Bach's "New Horizons in Music Appreciation" with its play by play of the first movement of Beethoven's 5th.
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Oh dear what a disappointing start, but he is off again and here he goes the first word of Thomas Hardy's new novel, at 10:35 on this very lovely morning ...
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Still, I remain baffled that EVERY local TV news show is built around ~5-8 minutes of Sports Chat.

I've long wondered why ONE station in each market doesn't instead give a regular slot to news of the arts - from the local HS music groups right up to national/international news.

(It seems to me that they'd clean up, by serving the currently-underserved fraction of the audience that doesn't care about Sports Chat.)
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