You can learn a lot from a dog
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That is really beautiful.
(My little black kitty jumped up and put her paw on my arm when the itchy eyes started. She ended up cuddling with me through the whole thing.)
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I'm gonna cry if I watch this, right?
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Now so much cry as bawl. But yeah.

Time for doggie treats and kisses.
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Just so you know, you will also bawl if you attempt to shield yourself by watching this with the sound off. And then you will give up half way through, be hit with the narration halfway through, and come completely undone.
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Completely undone right now.
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Wow.Beautifully filmed. Poignantly written. Really struck home.
Thanks for the posting this.
posted by falsedmitri at 12:31 PM on June 13, 2015

This popped up somewhere in my facebook feed last weekend, when we were dealing with our 1.5 year-old beloved dog with pneumonia in the vet ICU and we were pretty sure he was not going to make it to sob in about 15 seconds.

(Our mutty dopester is going to be fine, so there's a happy ending for the thread if you needed one)
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I imagined what the cat equivalent of this would be, and immediately busted out laughing.
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I got an emergency text from my boyfriend while he was at the office on Tuesday warning me about this.
"There's going to be a video about a dog named Denali on your Facebook feed. I know you will be tempted to watch it because you are constitutionally unable to resist watching any video with a dog. Do not watch this video" he said. Then he included a picture of his tear-stained face.
To my credit, I managed to wait until I got home and was firmly snuggled in and wrapped around my own adventure buddy and best friend Kenobi before I hit play.

Long story short, I should not have watched this video. I also should not have commented on this thread because I'm crying again just thinking about it.

It is beautiful and gut punching and sweet and funny and I hope beyond hope that when this time comes for my own handsome, irreplaceable, endlessly generous and unquestioningly loving partner-in-crime, that I have the strength and grace and generosity to let him go as lovingly as Ben did for Denali.
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Undone and sobbing and can't stop thinking about my cat whom past 3 years ago from cancer. She went from a spry, seemingly healthy cat to dead in a week. The cancer was probably building for a long time prior, but she showed no discernible symptoms until she did. The vet thought we might have a month or two; the cancer had other plans.

Even though I've had pets pass before and since; nothing compared to the loss like that did. She was my soul mate in the shape of a brown, fat torbie. If every I had reason to believe in an afterlife, it would be out of a desire to see her again.

This video captured that experience so well. Different animal, different lifestyle but it captured the common yet complicated experience of sharing a life time not just with a four legged friend, but The One. Goodbye Denali; goodbye Nuku and goodbye to all the other four-legged friends who are forever carved in our hearts.
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(I feel a bit like there should be an [you will sob] warning attached to the video. Only half joking; watching this at work would be terrible. Fortunately it's the weekend, most people won't be.)
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I am an idiot. I read the comments here first, watched the movie anyway, and now I am sobbing like a baby. It's a beautiful film and a fitting tribute to a dog who loved, and was loved, so much.
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I just spent the better part of an hour writing about how much I related to this, my history, and what my near future looks like. Then I realized that the promises we make ourselves sometimes we don't live up to. Sometimes setbacks prevent us from
making good on those promises. We feel bad, but we get over it.

I made a promise to two dogs seven years ago, and unfortunately, one passed away three and a half years ago. His ashes have followed us through a few rentals. Our other dog is now older, and the signs that he is no longer a puppy, and no longer just an adult dog are becoming apparent. 31 days from now, I will fulfil my promise to my dogs of their own back yard.

A promise to your dog is one that every day failing to meet lingers on your heart. Knowing now that out family is so close to making this close to making good on this promise... Well, I've spent a lot of time talking to a sandalwood box and scratching an aging dog's tumored ears.
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Yeah, that certainly made me cry.

I'm not sure how I feel about the fact that they faded the credits music out right before it got to the part about dying.
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Oh, god, I shouldn't have watched this. I took my beautiful dog to the vet today because she couldn't walk anymore, and now I'm sobbing helplessly..
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Does anyone else dread the death of their dog more than their own death?
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aaarrrgggh. My dog is looking at me in a very worried way at the moment because of the gushing eyehole leaking, which doesn't happen to me often. I'm saying "it's okay, everything is okay; I'm okay," and even though she doesn't have eyebrows or even eyebrow markings, she *so* has her eyebrows raised ... like "yeah, yeah, right, that's also what you say when LIGHTNING and THUNDER, and everyone knows there's absolutely nothing okay about that."
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I have four dogs here at home - two of them are "mine" - they've been put on notice that they are not allowed to pass away.
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