The 'What's Underneath' Project
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StyleLikeU's "What's Underneath" Project features short videos of people from all walks of life slowly stripping down to their underwear, while giving revealing interviews intended to show that 'style is not the clothes one wears, but spirit, and comfort in one's skin.' Topics covered are as diverse as their subjects, and include beauty, fashion, disability, diseases and chronic conditions including albinism and cancer, career, gender, identity, body image/dysmorphia, abuse, miscarriage, etc. The majority of the subjects are women. Some videos may be NSFW. (Via)
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"We'd like you to disrobe in such a way as to indicate that... style is not in the clothes you wear... but rather in knowing who you are. OK - lights, roll camera . Now strip!"

No pressure then.
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I've been half-following this series for a while now and I really loved the ones of these I've watched -- they're honest without feeling exploitative. The removal of clothes feels really far from being sexualized to me. I've been quite moved by the several I've watched.
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Saw one video and I'm impressed - GO
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