Let's jump into tonight's news: The people are missing!
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After Georgia Dunn put Breaking Cat News on hiatus for the birth of her daughter Guinevere, last night she had a special announcement: the broadcast Breaking Cat News returns with a special report. Elvis, Puck, Lupin, and Tommy have returned!

She's been very busy! She recently announced a book deal (due out in 2016) and drew a bunch of the BCN cats as Star Wars characters for #MaytheFourth. (Ewok mice are probably my favorite.)

Up next, our new segment: "What's inside that box?"
"Puck, I've scaled the Vegas Fir for a better view."
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BCN is one of the small delightful things that I, as a cat co-habitator, makes me smile in recognition.
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BCN is one of the small delightful things that I, as a cat co-habitator, makes me feel like my cats are constantly talking about me behind my back.
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BCN is a big part of life for the Mister and me. I got him a mug for his birthday with all three of them sitting at the news desk but I occasionally steal it for myself.

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I knew nothing of this comic... It's so....cat. Thanks!
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Just yesterday I removed BCN from my bookmarks because I figured the cartoonist had gotten too busy with the new baby to keep doing it. Yay, it's back!
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That is exactly how much food and water I leave out for my cats if I am not going to be back within the day. I also leave the toilet open for their gross drinking pleasure. I can always tell when the cats have been drinking from the toilet because they somehow get the seat incredibly dirty.
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I removed BCN from my bookmarks
This is why I love Rss Feeds. You don't have to check something every day to see if there is new content, but when there is new content, it pops right up. You can use IFTTT to have new posts from any RSS feed emailed to you or to add them to your pinboard bookmarks.
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I should get this print about boxes for our cat since he woke us up at 4 am this morning to get us to move an empty box for better sitting purposes.
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This is the best thing.
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Breaking Breaking Cat News! Because gocomics.com is making a frantic effort to become less irrelevant than newspaper comics, the site now features Breaking Cat News. It began running the strip in October, and, like other webcomics it runs (yes, there's Dinosaur Comics and Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal and Perry Bible Fellowship and Savage Chickens and Starslip and The Awkward Yeti and Mom's Cancer and Business Cat and several other cat-centric webcomics), they started from the first strip (or close to it) and have a strict update schedule (for BCN, Monday and Thursday), so it's months behind the homesite (but will catch up some due to the hiatus). Still, this kind of recycling older comics I totally approve of (like rerunning Calvin and Hobbes and Bloom County and Cul De Sac).
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sio42, you are describing everybody's cat.
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foop, I think you mean Breaking Breaking Cat News News.
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Did I make that error? Me? I? The Chief Executive CEO of the Department of Redundancy Department?
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I think both foop and JHarris meant "Breaking Breaking Cat News News!"

I'm in Kermit-flail mode, myself. YAYYYYYYY!!!!!

Also, if you don't follow her Instagram, you should — it's adorable. (Elvis gets kneady. Lupin the lampshade-head. Puck atop baby toys.)
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I just checked. Yes, the 8 part christmas special still makes my eyes leak
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My two cats recently passed away within weeks of each other, and I've not been able to do anything cat related...I think it's still shock or something, but seeing the return of breaking cat news has made me so happy. I miss kitties.
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dejah420, you're not the only one going through this kind of crisis. Frank Page, who integrated the real people and animals in his life into his comic about the fictional Bob the Squirrel has lost two real cats in his life in the last few weeks and has given warning that the comic is going to be not-so-funny for a while. I've lost animals in my life, and I can't imagine trying to do "something funny about animals" right after it had happened.
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She has lots of other work on Facebook. I like this bear on a bike, these thieving raccoons, and this otter typing on a laptop.

And finally, a photographic moment of cute: Elvis with the new baby.
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(It should go without saying that Puck is my favorite.)
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I am not a cat cohabitor, though I have a sister who is (big time). A former co-worker knows Georgia from when she lived in Seattle. I love this comic. Makes me want kitties.
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