Boys in the street
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Greg Holden performs his powerful new song "Boys in the Street."

Holden is probably best-known for being a co-writer on the song "Home," made famous by Phillip Phillips. Here's an alternate version of "Boys in the Street," with some back-story.
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Wow. This is a great post.
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Great song, thanks.
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I was thinking, Quite kissing boys in the street. Take them back to your bedroom and do whatever the fuck you like. I know this isn't helpful though. I am just a public prude and wish girls would quit kissing boys in the street too.
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I almost never buy music, but I looked this one up on iTunes the first time I heard it. It doesn't quite make me cry but it comes pretty close.
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I first heard the song live when he opened for Ingrid Michaelson in Atlanta in February, and the crowd roared when Holden got to the final chorus. I teared up, but I'm want to do that at a moment's notice these days. The crowd was really into him, which is impressive, considering that he wasn't the one we'd all paid for the ticket to see.

Because of that crazy powerful reaction, I picked up his new album, which came out near the end of April. It's full of some really great stuff, especially if you're into singer-songwriters at all. Very powerful, and one of my better listens for the year as a whole. I'm definitely on the lookout for more of his stuff, and I think he's one to watch.
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This has been getting pretty heavy rotation on my local station.
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