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At rest in the fields. "Celebrating childhood's end" at Eloise Woods Community Natural Burial Park, in Cedar Creek, Texas.

More about Eloise Woods, Home Funerals and Green Burial:
* Smithsonian Magazine (2009): "The Surprising Satisfactions of a Home Funeral"
* Austin Chronicle (2011): "What's Old Is Green Again"
* Austin.Culturemap (2012): "Touring Eloise Woods, the natural burial park that gives Austin environmentalists something to smile about"
* The Rivard Report (2015): "The Business of Death: Funeral Directors’ Convention in San Antonio"

* National Home Funeral Alliance
* Texas Home Funerals Blog
* Green Burial Council
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The Smithsonian article linked in this post mentions the PBS Frontline documentary A Family Undertaking. I couldn't find it online, but here's the trailer.

A documentary regarding musician and psychiatrist Clark Wang's preparations for his own green burial was released last year: A Will for the Woods. Trailer. Full film is available for purchase through Bullfrog Films or streamed through Vimeo.
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That was really great, thanks for sharing this. I didn't know that natural burial was legal in Texas and basically everything about Eloise Woods seems so very right and good to me.
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A beautifully written story, thanks for sharing. If I am to be returned to the earth when I die, that is the sort of place that I'd like it to be. Especially if animals/pets could be buried there too.

There sure is a lot of love in the midst of death.
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Wow, this is lovely. I used to live right down the road from there. The area seems to attract a lot of strange ideas (Christian alternative medicine cancer center; a "zoo" filled with exotic animals that could no longer be kept by their owners; an African village project), so it doesn't surprise me that it'd be in Cedar Creek.

I dearly hope that I don't need their services for a long time, but if I do, I'd love to be buried in Eloise Woods.
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