Make a little bird bath in your soul
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What better way to relax than to see a guy creating a bird bath in his hands for his pet finch?
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Thanks, I needed to see an important birb taking a baf this evening.
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I was imagining the sensation of a tiny little bird bathing itself in my hands while water gently flowed and I found a few tears rolling down my hollow face in the reverie of how beautiful it must be for them both. How beloved.
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Ah, I love how calming this video is. It's a simple message and he's leaving out the whistles and bells.
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We used to get lots of goldfinches at the top of our garden, along with greenfinches and a nice range of other small birds, but one of our neighbours has two free-roaming cats, and the bird life around here is now basically nil.
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I was going to say,
"The car chase at the end was craaaaazy."
because this is so almost perfectly the opposite of that.
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Not to put too fine a point on it, but that was an intensely relaxing video.
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Isopraxis, I do this with my Senegal parrot and yes, the sensation of having a little dinosaur put its small feathered life in your hands is amazing. Bird energy is like nothing else.
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birds are the best and I have to give mine a bath very soon because it is so adorable
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Cute. Immediately reminded me of this.
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Why so twitchy, guy?
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The bird was this man's only friend in the prison yard during his years of political imprisonment. It kept him from going insane. When the man was finally released, the bird followed him home and now the man is devoted to the bird's comfort.
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buriednexttoyou: "It's a simple message and he's leaving out the whistles and bells."

So the room must listen to me
Filibuster vigilantly
My name is blue canary one note spelled l-i-t-e

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Can we get the Slow-Mo guys take on this?
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I needed this today. Thanks.
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Birds move like they were animated by Ray Harryhausen.
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I love the little bit at the end where it looks like the bird is either nuzzling him or drying itself on his T-shirt.
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I will never be as happy as that bird joyfully bathing in his best friend's palms. That made me smile this morning.
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Of course, when I bathe this way, the neighbors complain.
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That's just lovely. I put two bird baths out this morning and within a minute of coming back in, a robin was sitting on the edge of one. He flew off without investigating further, but it's going to be a very hot weekend and I know there will be takers.
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This was perfect. Thank you.
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A bird in the hand is everything.
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Who watches over you?

Thanks for the tmbg references.
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I often sit in the gloaming while looking at my backyard birdbath. The jays, crows, robins, mourning doves and finches all have their appointed times, and some (especially the crows) are quite fearless by now - I've had two of them perch on my chair, waiting their turn, placidly looking about, while I sit there sipping wine, like Edward Lear's Old Man with a Beard. I also live less than 20 ft from a railroad track that's right before a crossing, so I get the horn from every northbound train. Do you think they care? They have daily fresh water in the summer!

I have a family of garden snakes, going on four generations now, that live in between the bricks of a pony wall (I call them Mr. and Mrs. Snakey-snakey), and a nesting, for the last couple of years, of owls in a mulberry tree rooted in the no-mans-land just beyond the tracks, and two squirrel's nests in the pine tree in the front yard (and they're eating well - when they hit the roof to make the transit to the back yard it sounds like bomb going off). Chipmunks from underneath the bricks of the garage (I think - I haven't seen them actually enter and exit yet) and for awhile a little field mouse named Jamie (that I think fell victim to neighborhood cats).

I would've never believed that so much wildlife existed in an urban area if I hadn't seen it myself, and it is all so beautiful.
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ยก Best of the web !
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sigh, I wish I could have a bird bath in my backyard. unfortunately my neighbour has a couple free-roaming cats, and one of them is an absolute killer.
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5_13_23_42_69_666: "birds are the best and I have to give mine a bath very soon because it is so adorable"

Yep. Beaker is getting a bath in a little while too.
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This is simply one of the coolest things I have ever seen. Who knew you could domesticate a finch???
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Growing up, we had parakeets. If you gave tem a big, just-washed lettuce leaf, they would spend a while washing themselves in the water on it before eating it.
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