Dads are supposed to be heroes
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Bob Moran ("BOB"), the political cartoonist for the Saturday and Sunday Telegraph (e.g., 1, 2, more) had an unexpected journey into fatherhood. A beautiful and touching animated memoir for Father's day.
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That was gorgeous and made me cry. Happy Father's Day Metadads.
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We had a similar experience with our son. My wife developed preeclampsia, which led to liver failure and so the baby was delivered by C-section at 32 weeks and went on to spend a month in the NICU. He was two pounds, fifteen ounces. The day after the delivery, my wife's preeclampsia advanced into eclampsia and she had a seizure which led to a couple of days in ICU.

I'd never felt so lost or scared in my entire life.

But it's been just over two and a half years since then and both mom and child are doing perfectly well. And he's the best little person on the face of the earth.

God, now I'm sitting here blubbering. This video brought a lot of memories back, especially the sound of all those beeping and humming machines and the tubes and wires and pads and the popsicle-stick-and-gauze brace on the kid's arm. But luckily, the feeling of fear and helplessness feels a lot more distant now.

Happy Father's Day, y'all.
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Oh wow..... it sure is dusty in here. And I wish my own dad was still around.
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I was there for the whole thing but was utterly useless as a coach. When they handed him to me I realized that this was the first infant I had ever held. I proudly told that to everyone on the stroll down to the nursery. The staff got quite a giggle from that. And then the whole world changed. Happy Father's Day...
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That choked me up. Thanks for posting it.
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That was moving and sweet.
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I watched it twice, once with the sound turned on and once without. I think I liked it better without his commentary, as I paid more attention to the pictures and the expressions on each person's face in each frame.
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Fathers also need support through the whole crazy experience, whether things go smoothly or (especially) if not. This reminded me how I feel like that's something that's often forgotten.
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I would post, but I'm crying like a three-year-old.
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