Shodo Performance Koshien
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Shodo Performance Koshien is an annual competition, held in Ehime, of massive-scale Japanese calligraphy performed live by teams of high school students. (The videos with two-digit numbers in their titles are actual performances.) This year's will be held in Shikokuchuo-shi, Ehime, on July 26. Interested in trying it yourself, but don't feel like breaking the bank on an enormous horsehair brush? Try using a modified mop!
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This is fantastic.

Does anyone know what they're shouting before and after?
posted by Happy Dave at 3:38 AM on June 25, 2015

Thank you so much! Lovely. Do you have any more strange Japanese links/stuff/sources - I love this!
posted by mathiu at 3:43 AM on June 25, 2015

Dave, I don't know which video you're watching, but odds are it's probably just set phrases like "thank you very much" afterwards and a weird untranslatable phrase before that basically means "please give me/us/this your favorable consideration" and is used for everything from meeting people for the first time to beginning a sports match to offering a bribe.
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There's a charming, if a bit predictable, movie about the whole competition.

I'd post the trailer, but for some reason YouTube is not connecting here.

(Also, by predictable, I mean everything that happens is kinda obvious from the get go, everything is telegraphed with no subtlety, but it's charming because the acting is actually really well done, and it's the kind of cheerful movie one puts on when eating comfort food and trying not to think about the day.)
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Is it named after the Koshien Stadium where the Koshien high school baseball tournaments are held?
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Yeah. For whatever reason the name Koshien has such cultural relevance that pretty much any national high school competition is referred to as the Koshien of ________. Performance calligraphy, photography, whatever. It's apparently genericized to the point where the name "Shodo Performance Koshien" is a registered trademark despite containing a famous proper noun.
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