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When the new TimesMachine re-launched in 2013... it gave those of us interested in design history an additional benefit while perusing each day’s issue. They left the advertisements in.

Includes an update with a link to Madison (previously), if you want to help the NY Times archive its vintage ads.
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This is fantastic. One of the perks of my old job was going through microfilm newspaper articles. I loved to see the old ads. More than anything else, the illustrated ads represent so many jobs for working artists.
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Those are also a nice resource for newspaper reproduction technology of the era. I guarantee that small town papers of those times could never have reproduces a lot of those ads. That stuff was big-city tech.

My first job out of college was working in the advertising department of a large regional department store chain. This was right at the end of the era where they still used illustrators to do some of the fashion ads. It was an interesting peek into that system. By then, though, the illustrators were used mostly for small accessory items, and not the actual fashion ads. You knew you were working with soon-to-be-extinct creatures, but they were exceedingly talented creatures, nonetheless.

On my side of things (home store) it was like pulling teeth to get the creative director to approve any ad layout that strayed from the official grid layout. I found I had to salve my creative juices by having fun directing photo shoots, and trying to be as abstract as was allowable doing desktop shots of china and silk flowers.
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I love this.
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