At last! The fruit cutting championships!
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The Fruit Cutting Championships, a 2008 episode of the TV Tokyo variety show TV Champion 2, complete with commercials. Remarkably entertaining despite the language barrier (due to the visual nature of the competition). Event breakdown/explanation after the fold.

Stage 1: Four competitors; lowest total score is eliminated.
• Peel five apples as fast as possible.
• Peel and core pineapples, then cut them into as many unbroken slices as possible within the time limit.
• Cut five oranges into “flowers” as fast as possible.

Stage 2: Three competitors; loser is eliminated.
• 45 minutes to prepare a cut fruit arrangement.

Stage 3: Two competitors; best three out of five.
• 15 minutes, one apple each.
• Fruit arrangement using tropical fruits (durian, horned melon, dragonfruit, starfruit, rambutan, and mangosteen).
• “Character bento” made of cut fruit. (yes, that is a commercial for a product called “E-Dong Makkori”)
• 45 minutes to prepare a fruit arrangement using three-tiered trays.
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This is both amazing and frightening for reasons that are impossible to define.
posted by The Zeroth Law at 11:14 PM on June 25, 2015

So many sentences in my head. I want to re-commentate this like MXC.
posted by rhizome at 11:30 PM on June 25, 2015

This is outstanding, as are the other competitions suggested as "related" on YouTube.

The Mentos commercial starting at roughly 18:30 is also fantastic.

Such fruit. So tasty. Wow.
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Whoa, those are some sharp knives! They made those pineapples look like butter.
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Ok, so Mr. Orange is my favorite. His speed, technical skill, and artistic talent are unparalleled. Unfortunately, he's up against a cheesy banquet chef that makes things elegant by throwing shitty swans at the judges. His apples leave a metric ton on the peel. His pineapple rings, while numerous, were unevenly cut, and he butchered his fruit in general.

Mr. Orange though, cut everything with so much concern and care and his finished work was outstanding... Save his last tower... Which was technically better, but his only lackluster presentation. You can't eat dangling fruit rind and fat green poorly cut swans...
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This is definitely my kind of spectator sport!
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Mr. Orange also said that this was the first time in his life that he ever had to do a three-tiered thing like that. He was fighting kind of an uphill battle. The other guy actually had a better one in the end, in my opinion — he explained that his purpose in using the citrus rinds was to take advantage of their fragrance to make it all smell nice as you approach it.
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makes things elegant by throwing shitty swans at the judges.
I'm now going to avoid watching the video so that I can preserve the very stimulating state of piquant curiosity as to what, exactly, this might mean. (I am not asking for an explanation of what this means.)
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Mr. Green's knife case at 6:18 is pretty bad ass.

This also made me think of this guy.
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TV Champion is great stuff. Where else can you find people stacking stuff using their hands or using an excavator?
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I watched this whole thing (55 minutes!) this morning with my 7 year old and my 4 year old. They were rapt, as was I, despite the language barrier. They even managed to make durian look appetizing!
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I haven't had the chance to watch the whole thing yet, but I did enjoy how they each had a different technique for peeling the apples.
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