Weird weekend music: Björk x TRI▼ANGLE Records; Nicolas Jaar variations
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Björk has been getting involved with TRI▼ANGLE Records a good bit, after The Haxan Cloak, a notable inclusion on the Tri Angle roster, was involved making Vulnicura, as well as producing a new remix. Back in February, Björk represented Tri Angle on Rinse FM with Holy Other and Celestial Trax, and then in May, she dropped in on Tri Angle's 5th Anniversary/Birthday Party to mix for an hour, and uploaded that set to Soundcloud (if you prefer YouTube, someone uploaded the set in four parts: 1, 2, 3, 4 - set to repeating video recorded from the show). If you'd like some more weirdness for your weekend, Nicolas Jaar recently shared a new, non-syncing version of Pomegranates (previously) as a free download linked through Facebook and Twitter, reposted by Factmag, where you can read some of the extensive liner notes before downloading the file.
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set to repeating video recorded from the show

Oh. I thought she was just really excitable.
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I love this shit.
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Ooh. Have not been up on Björk, but looks like a promising direction for her. I thought some of her previous collaborations with electronic producers seemed a little novelty or less inspired at times, but Tri Angle seems to compliment her style and voice well- i.e. dramatic, dark almost to the point of creepy, but with some warm organic feel too.
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In terms of selection I'm reminded of her remix album Bastards, which I'd thoroughly recommend.
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Worth mentioning her other Vulnicura collaborator, Arca, who is responsible for one of the better albums of last year.
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that haxan cloak remix is so good.
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(also tangent: haxan cloak has been working with the noisy guys of HEALTH... you can kind of tell based on the first few seconds of their new single "new coke"... that sub-bass! a++!)
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Holy Other was the opening act for part of Amon Tobin's US Tour last year, it's awesome to hear his new work and awesome to hear Bjork talking about it.
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