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For $350K You Can Spend Eternity In Manhattan
"Until you open a vault, you don’t know what you’re going to find," Iverson says. For example: either of two former mayors of the city, one also a former governor of New York; six Roosevelts; a Revolutionary War hero; a pioneering archeologist of Maya civilization; the Dutch dominies, whose bones are the oldest white men’s bones in Manhattan; or what’s left of a once-prominent merchant named Preserved Fish III.
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...whose bones are the oldest white men’s bones in Manhattan

Aren't all men's bones white?

I'll see myself out.

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says the plots went for $250 back in 1830, which gives it about a 4% return on investment over the last 185 years, not very good. Should have taken the 4 acres in Long Island for the same price, I'm sure that would be worth a fortune. Or in other words, these things were hella expensive back in 1830 too.
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I have never given a thought about New York City cemeteries and where people who live there might be one day be buried so this is fascinating. I have been slowly but surely checking off the Magnificent Seven every time I go to London (only four to go!), so I have been aware of the exclusivity of those burial spaces. Thanks for posting this, poffin boffin!
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Crypts in New Orleans cemeteries can go for as much as half a million dollars.
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Congressional Cemetery in Washington DC remains affordable and is home to J. Edgar Hoover, Marion Barry, and this man.
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Aren't all men's bones white?

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"Crypts in New Orleans cemeteries can go for as much as half a million dollars."

and yet throwing a body from the elevated portion of I-10 into the swamps west of Kenner remains free.
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that was fascinating
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This makes me curious if it would be legal to build a pyramid in Manhattan. Some Googling tells me that the Great Pyramid of Giza is 756ft per side, and that a standard block in Manhattan is 264 by 900 feet, so some vastly wealthy individual or group would need a 3x1 city block lot of land. Plenty of room for your pyramid and then a memorial park or other monuments. It's only 455 ft high, which is nothing in the city. I'm wondering if there would be laws against interring your remains in such a structure in the city.

It would be fabulously expensive, but do you really want to be buried in the dirt like some peasant?
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What if it was just a small pyramid, like backyard sized.

i want to be cremated and have my ashes blown into the faces of sweaty tourists on the F train platform by an oncoming train at broadway lafayette midafternoon on a summer saturday
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Anubis just standing there in the afterlife being like "pfffffff nice pyramid dweeblord, guess I'll get out the little scales"

Do you really want to get dunked on by Anubis because that's what little pyramids gets you
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All are naked in the afterlife. It's Anubis colony.
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Sangermaine they kind of are over on west 57th street.

Obtaining the land as you outline it would be truly breathtakingly expensive. The easiest cost I can find for a NYC city block was the $2 billion Google reportedly paid for its building at 111 8th ave, so if you triple that to build your pyramid in Chelsea you're talking spending $6 billion, not counting demo and construction costs. If you're going to spend that you could also just reserve the Presidential Suite at the Mandarin Oriental for your corpse for... roughly 400 years?
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Aren't all men's bones white?

Can depend on the soil they're buried in actually. Typically they are more of a greasy yellow, particularly if "fresh." The bleached white stereotype actually requires a great deal of time and exposure.

Anyway, the point is that declining burial space in Manhattan is a silly problem that can be easily solved, like most things, by cannibalism. We're apt to be much less reverent with remains after we've cracked them open to suck out their sweet delicious marrow.
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I took one of Greenwood's tours a couple of months ago (if you live in New York or are visiting, go on one. There aren't that many really famous people there, but the history is fascinating). The tour guide said that they had less than 30 years (and maybe it was 20, I can't remember) of space left at the current rate of burials/internment. I don't know if this includes the mausoleum, but it at least covers all the space for burial plots. I would not be surprised if Woodlawn was in a similar situation. So in 30 years, according to my guide, burial in any part of New York will be quite difficult. (There are smaller cemeteries scattered all over New York, but those are the two big ones and the guide was implying that the smaller ones are mostly full.)

The solution to this, of course, it to reuse gravesites, as is done in much of Europe. But I cannot see that going over well in the US, especially for graves that were previously bought and presumed to be permanent.
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$6bn ain't much for a first tier 21st century oligarch. I wonder what sort of property tax you'd be looking at? I bet you could pull some sort of shenanigans to limit it.
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STUNNING DEAL on an EAST VILLAGE COOP. 1bd/0ba/50sf, cozy, easy subway access, quiet neighbors, v. secure, no maint. fees! $350k.
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I can't even afford to die in Manhattan.
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So if I move to Manhattan... I'm immortal!
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No you have to get cursed by a witch that states you'll never die or age so long as you stay on the island of Manhattan.

I mean, that's what I say when I don't want to go to Queens.
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You don't actually need a city block. Crypts are a traditional and (as far as I understand) religiously acceptable solution for most people whose traditions mandate burial. You store the remains in a sarcophagus for years/decades, then they get rotated down into long-term storage.
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Hoiw about one of those huge underground crypts like in Paris with piles of bones but instead of no-name bodies it's investment bankers and instead of them being bones we seal them up in there alive?
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we can use that old creepy train station on canal street where you walk from the 6 to the 1 through the tunnel of horrors and legionnaire's disease
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