Personal Testimony of an Israeli Refusenik

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Personal Testimony of an Israeli Refusenik
"Asaf Oron, a Sergeant Major in the Giv'ati Brigade, is one of the original 53 Israeli soldiers who signed the 'Fighters' Letter' declaring that from now on they will refuse to serve in the Occupied territories. He is signer #8 and one of the first in the list to include a statement explaining his action."

Our parents' generation lets out a sigh: we've embarrassed them yet again. But isn't it all your fault? What did you raise us on? Universal ethics and universal justice, on the one hand, peace, liberty and equality to all. And on the other hand: "the Arabs want to throw us into the sea," "They are all crafty and primitive. You can't trust them."...I was raised on two value systems: one was the ethical code and the other the tribal code, and I naively believed that the two could coexist.
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"I ain't marching anymore."
- Phil Ochs
posted by sheauga at 10:26 PM on February 25, 2002

Two more today.
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I'm liking this a lot. Maybe this is how change will finally come to that screwed-up situation.
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Every soldier who signs this petition is to be applauded, but this statement struck me as the product of a certain courage that I've rarely seen on either side of this debate. This man had the courage to admit wrongdoing, to address personal mistakes that contributed to the current quagmire. He could have just signed. He didn't have to admit that he'd done wrong in the past, but he did, and for that I respect him doubly. Mr. Oron should stop crying out to the conveniently deaf politicians and run for office himself.
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It's deepy gratifying to see courage and common sense of this stripe.
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It's very difficult to be trapped in a difficult situation. For Israelis and Palestinians born into this conflict, who didn't help start it but have only known it, it must be incredibly hard to know what the right thing to do is. But they are the only hope, as the older generation has spent a lifetime either creating a nation or defending the scraps of their people. Unpopular decisions that buck fear are the hardest ones to make, and unfortunately the kind that are most necessary.
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I too applaud him. Now where is the dissenters on the other side? I note that American papers ignored a story I had read in the Russian press that a group of peace lovers from both Israel and Palestinians went to Russia to plead for help in resolving conflict. They are out there but are often made to keep a low profile.
Ps: that soldier will not run for office because the majority in Israel feel that nothing gained in war ought to be given back till a peace accord is made. This is done in all wars.
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Well Postroad, there's a call for a non-violent intifada. I don't know much about it or its level of support though.
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Beautiful, just beautiful. Well-written, intelligent, clear-headed.
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it's what separates the men from the boys. or guys.
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