Transparent Aluminium actually fake, *kinda*
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Transparent Aluminium actually fake, *kinda* according to the update from the site that broke the story for us english speakers.
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probably a good idea to post follow ups in the original thread, at least while its still showing up on the homepage...

also see 3rd comment in the original thread - well spotted mossy :)
posted by sawks at 10:25 PM on February 25, 2002

Um, ok, but how is transparent ceramic *less* impressive?
posted by shagoth at 10:42 PM on February 25, 2002

It's not fake it's just not aluminum.

shagoth: Ever hear of saphire? Or ruby? Those are all made from the same material that this stuff is.

The only real innovation here is their manufacture technique.

Anyway, anyone with at least the most basic middle-school understanding of chemistry would understand that this isn't "clear aluminum"

Anyway, see my +5 rated comment on slashdot (I'm probably a lot more proud of that then I should be :P)
posted by delmoi at 12:11 AM on February 26, 2002

"Oh, and I was also corrected on the pronunciation of's 'al-you-min-ee-um'. "

Um, yeah, if you're british maybe.
posted by hotdoughnutsnow at 4:30 AM on February 26, 2002

Yeah and capillary is cah-PILL-yar-ee
And the elevator is called a lift
And hurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr*boom smash explode etc.*
posted by Settle at 5:07 AM on February 26, 2002

hmmm....i should have read the OG thread more carefully i guess. live and learn....
posted by ejoey at 8:45 AM on February 26, 2002

hotdoughnutsnow, in the original article the guy wrote

"allow- min'nium" (this is from a european site)

in a failed attempt to convey the British pronunciation. Hence the correction.
posted by MUD at 4:47 PM on February 26, 2002

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