Freedom Hawk keeping 1970 alive and rockin'
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Emanating from the barrier dunes of Virginia, Freedom Hawk’s heavy riffs, rolling groove, and soulful guitar melodies to produce a sound that is distinctly their own. The trio’s brand of heavy rock capitalizes on the best of the heavy ‘70s, but presents a fuzzy take that’s modern and based around quality songwriting rather than style-over-substance retro posturing. for me... Sabbath meets early KISS another track here
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I hear some COC in there too.
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Hey, if you like this kind of stuff, also check out:
Red Desert
The Sword
Salem's Pot

...or just PM me. I'm kind of into this stuff.
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I like their sound quite a bit, although both of these songs sound like B-sides to me. (Note for the young'uns - a B-side is the song on the other side of the 45 rpm vinyl record of the single. In other words, not a bad song, but no potential to be a hit. Needs more of a hook.)
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I agree they need better hooks. As such, I got more of a Sabbath vibe than Kiss. As stupid as Kiss songs were, they had, back in the 70s, a pretty good knack for making up good hooks.
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Not bad, but I think The Sword does this sound a lot better.
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I'm a big fan of The Sword and I like this a lot. Thanks bobdow! And thanks to Demogorgon too - now I have a bunch of new stuff to check out.
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I'll fight anyone who won't agree that 70's were hands down the greatest decade of rock and roll music ever. Meet me outside.
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For a Texas country-fried steak stoner trip, try Wo Fat
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Freedom Hawk has it all, man.
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I've always been a huge fan of The Fucking Champs and wondered why there weren't more bands like them around. Apparently there are, and one of them is named The Sword.
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I kind of hope their name came from mishearing that old Time Life Records commercial.
"Hey man, is that Freedom Hawk?"
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Hey, if you like this kind of stuff, also check out:
Witchcraft yt

Love these guys. Also, Blood Ceremony (if you like witchy Ian Anderson style fluting).
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