The Suwa Lake New Fireworks Contest
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Each year two fireworks festivals are held at Suwa Lake in Nagano, Japan. The first, in August, is one of the largest in Japan. The second, in September, features a contest for the best new fireworks. Some of the effects are stunning: 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014.

Bonus links:

The Suwa Lake Fireworks' show's website (in Japanese).

A thorough glossary of pyrotechnics terms [pdf] from the British Pyrotechnics Association.

A slightly less thorough but non-PDF glossary.

A great page showing how shells are designed to achieve various effects, such as cut stars, pumped comets, serpents, whistles, reports, and tourbillions.
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(Direct links to each entry are included in the extended descriptions of the 2011-2014 videos. The 2012-2014 descriptions are also annotated with the results of the contests, if you just want to see the winners.)
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I like the format of the new fireworks show. It gives you a minute to appreciate each one, and a little recognition to the artist.
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Thanks for this, jedicus. My dream vacation is making a circuit of as many of the Japanese firework festivals and competitions as possible. The fireworks themselves are stunning, but I also love to hear the reaction from the crowd.
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I've always wondered how the new fireworks get invented! Every few years it seems there's something to elicit a big "wow." I remember when I was young the squealing spermlike ones were mindblowing. In the last decade or so it's been interactions on the circle: smiley face, peace sign, Saturn. I hope to see some new effects make their way Stateside.
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So cool. Thanks!
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