“I just follow what inspires me as an artist and a storyteller...”
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Avatar: The Last Airbender and Korra creator previews new graphic novel Threadworlds [Entertainment Weekly]
Imagine five planets that share a single orbit. Imagine an inquisitive young scientist, curious about the world, setting out on adventures across the universe. That’s the grounding for Threadworlds, a new graphic novel by Bryan Konietzko, best known for creating the internationally acclaimed animated series Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra. Published by First Second Books, Threadworlds is Konietzko’s graphic novel debut and takes you on a science fiction journey that promises to inspire you, captivate you and thrill you all at once.
“This is basically Nova’s long origin story as scientific superhero. I hope she’ll be inspiring to readers of all genders and ages, but especially girls who are interested in studying and pursuing science.”
The first volume of the Threadworlds graphic novel series will be on sale in 2017 from First Second Books and you can preview exclusive first-look art below.

[Image 1]
[Image 2]
[Image 3]
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Also, if you've not watched The Legend of Korra!?! Stop reading this comment and go watch right now. Go...I'll wait.
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Ugh, I want to be on the hype train for this, I really do, because Bryan is a great writer and artist and an amazing world builder...

But 2017! So far away! I can't keep up the hype for that long!

But I figure Nickelodeon will give me enough Korra hype at Comic-Con to keep me going for that long long period. I mean, have you seen that Lin Beifong figure? HYPE TRAIN
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*all the grabby hands* give it to me now!!
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I had mixed feelings about Korra, honestly.
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At the point when your graphic novel is 100% finished – written, drawn, colored, turned in to us and signed off on – it generally takes us about an additional year to publish it.

That’s so long! Why on earth would it take that long to publish the book when it’s already done?
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This entire thing looks so cool. Look at those first-look pages! Just look at them!
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2017? *yearns*
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I'm excited and hopeful for both members of Bryke in these endeavors. Yes, the success of both things highly impact any hope for future animated visits to the Avatar universe, but it also means a decent down time to recharge their batteries should that ever happen.

What's awesome for both men is their endeavor to promote subjects such as arts for children and the pursuit of science by a female character. They're trying to make our world better through their craft, something that began nearly a decade ago with Avatar: The Last Airbender and continued through The Legend of Korra.

I want to say Mike has actually worked a stint or two as a teacher at an art institute in Connecticut, so it makes sense that he's drawn to a project meant to inspire art in children/young adults. I definitely could have used the inspiration to keep with it in high school, where my own artistic drive was crushed under an art teacher who decided knights slaying dragons was too juvenile for a high school art project. Meh.

Also, hopping.
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I had mixed feelings about Korra, honestly.

Me too. Except the Beifongs (especially Lin), who are perfect and wonderful and Best Characters Ever and deserve many spinoff comic books. But I'm still not paying 99.00 for a statue of one.
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Not to derail, but... is there a reason from physics that we wouldn't get multiple planets in the same orbit?
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Really complicated orbital mechanics? Likely not much in the solar system besides the sun (or two suns, or a sn and a gas giant or some such) , the planets in the Lagrange points. And planetary accretion mechanics probably make it unlikely. I predict an artificial solar system.

But those are spitball guesses
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IIRC, and I'm not an astrophysicist, a hexagon of planets would actually be stable. Areas roughly 60 degrees up or down orbit from a planet are stable. They're called Trojan Points and in our solar system junk has tended to accumulate in many of them.

Maybe we only got single planets per orbit because there wasn't enough mass to form more than one?
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I had mixed feelings about Korra, honestly.

At first it was bad, but we convinced ourselves it was pretty good. Then it actually became pretty good, so we convinced ourselves it was a masterpiece.
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Hopefully there is a designated meat and sarcasm guy. (We're still working on The Last Airbender, haven't even started Korra yet...)
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I've really gotta watch the later seasons! I only watched S1 and though I enjoyed it a lot, that was because I was rooting for the bad guy (not just to be contrary - he really was the most sympathetic!). I *love* Korra as a character, but the writers made her and her friends act like butts.
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That is... really poetic, Ian.
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FYI, over in Fanfare we're in almost the exact middle, if not a little over the hill in a Last Airbender re-watch. The loose plan is once that concludes to slide into a Korra rewatch.

Also, apparently, Bryan hasn't figured out the main character's little sister's name yet. I guess in the writing it's " Hey [SISTER'S NAME]! Let's go!"
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Waiting for someone to make another topic on this in 2017 so that I don't forget. I can get on the hype train then.
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