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Fred Perry Subculture Films - A series of short films documenting the evolution of street style, music and counter culture over the last 60 years.

Some later (shorter) additions on YouTube:
Anarchy in the UK
Northern Soul
Black N White Riot - 2 Tone origins
Dancehall Days
Bonus: Some interesting music in the Sub-Sonic section.
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Shirt by Fred, nuff said
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Perry Blue?

Ok, so the sponsorship is a touch heavy-handed but the docos themselves are informative and diverting. I really liked the one about Rude Boys and Skinheads...I had forgotten that there was a non-racist original version of the UK skinheads. Cool stuff.
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For more in this vein, the BBC's British Style Genius series was fantastic—This episode on the street look focuses on the teds, the skins, the mods, and the casuals.
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It's interesting, if (as one might expect given the sponsor) biased towards subcultures with a lineage going back to Mod (no mention of metal, goth, grebo, new-romantic, &c.), and makes a few howlers which appear to be a result of looking at subculture as an extension of sartorial fashion (Malcolm McLaren is responsible for punk? Them's fighting words to a lot of people.)
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