The Religious Experience of Philip K. Dick:
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The Religious Experience of Philip K. Dick: Following a minor operation of March 1974, Dick had a series of powerful religious visions that he spent the remainder of his life trying to interpret, and which heavily influenced his late work. This is a story by Robert Crumb (originally published in Weirdo) that draws on interviews Dick did about this period in his life. Thanks to Robot Wisdom.
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Comic book writer Grant Morrison had a similar experience in Katmandu that led to the idea behind the comic book "The Invisibles" which has some ideas that are very similar to Dick's "Valis" (which was based on Dick's religious experience).
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Great link! Thanks for this one.
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Bernard Coffindaffer's inspiration was also, apparently, sodium pentothal. Anyone know where I can get my hands of some of this stuff? I'm needin' a vision of my own.
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That was one mutha of a toothache.
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Does this mean that Robot Wisdom's started again?
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