Georgian (?) Muscle Men. Dumplings.
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Khinkali Battle Challenge
Khinkali Battle Challenge #2
Spoiler: Battle #2 is much better, the guys are shirtless, and better eaters.
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Achievement: Rule 34.
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At first I was like, "That's not that much dumplings, is it? There's like 10 or so per plate in the first video and maybe 15 in the second. I could destroy those pretty easily." Then, I realized that I was being thrown by the immense size of the eaters dwarfing the platters of dumplings. According to Google Translate, they're claiming that it's 1kg (2.2 lbs) of dumplings in the first video and 2.25kg (~5 lbs) in the second. Which is a pretty respectable amount, worthy of these huge men. Also, the dumplings are much bigger than I thought.
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I'll never think of dumplings the same way again.
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Our Los Angeles meetup later this month contains both Khinkali and Gaming.

I do not expect shirtlessness, but we will definitely be inhaling dumplings.
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A recipe.

(It's my understanding that traditionally, one does not eat the little tough knot of dough at the top of the dumpling. So these guys are hardcore. One of them in the 1st video discarded his knots, then everyone else decided that was cheating.)
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They tried to have a acharuli khachapuri eating contest but everyone passed out after one.
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It's easy to eat a plate of Khinkali when you have no neck!

On one hand, this post seems unremarkable because of the upcoming meetup. On the other hand, I love that OmieWise saw a brief, Russian-language video of a few enormous men eating dumplings and knew we needed to see it.

I do not expect shirtlessness

Well not after the last meet-up! ヽ(°_ O)ノ
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This is wonderful. Now I want to take my shirt off and eat dumplings.
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I'd like to see skinny Takeru Kobayahi, or even 98 pound Sonya Thomas join them in a meal, just to see the look on their faces when they see the dumplings quickly disappear.
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I wish I was these men :-(
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