Pyra's killer app
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Pyra's killer app isn't Blogger, says Michael Sippey in the most recent Stating the Obvious. The Pyramaniacs started out to build a robust project-management tool, and got sucked into the swirling vortex that is weblog-world along the way.

"Pyra's killer app isn't Blogger, it's Pyra. Of course, that's mostly semantics, since Blogger's an application built on top of the Pyra framework. Which means that Pyra could not only be your next project management app, but your next content publishing platform as well. An integrated content, template, task, issue, and discussion database? Sounds like a killer app to me. Now they just need to figure out the business model..."

I would have thought the business model was obvious. Isn't it?

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BTW, all hail mathowie! Looks like post-preview features are coming along nicely.
posted by bradlands at 11:27 PM on April 30, 2000

(Yes, all hail Matthowie.) That last paragraph is meant to be semi-ironic... There's definitely a business model in there for Pyra, the challenge for them is to find the *right* business model...
posted by msippey at 11:41 PM on April 30, 2000

i thought giving away your product for free without hope of turning a profit was the definitive buisness model of the new economy
posted by adam at 11:53 PM on April 30, 2000

I figured the intention was irony, Michael. I just thought, as long as you're stating the obvious... :)
posted by bradlands at 12:28 AM on May 1, 2000

Is posting preview *new*? (:-) It's been here since I have... now, *comment* preview (or alternatively, the ability to edit or delete your own postings yourself) would be pretty cool, too.
posted by baylink at 6:21 AM on May 1, 2000

Huh. I dunno. I never post links, I just harp and kvetch and whine on other people's posts. Well, all hail mathowie anyhow...yadda yadda yadda. :)
posted by bradlands at 8:54 AM on May 1, 2000

All I'm sayin' is you haven't lived until you've seen Matt try to blog drunk. The operative word here is "try".
posted by MarkBakalor at 11:42 AM on May 1, 2000

BUI? Isn't that a federal crime?

I thought NetForce would get you for that...
posted by baylink at 12:28 PM on May 1, 2000

Blog? Hell, you should see him try to dance. :)
posted by bradlands at 2:23 PM on May 1, 2000

Sippey makes the most important statement and one that I have posted here before...

Both Blogger, and Pyra are great products but where is the BUSINESS MODEL.

Matt do not censor this please... it is a very valid point whether you like it or not...

posted by efader at 9:04 AM on May 2, 2000

Since when are business models neccesarily open for public view?
posted by MarkBakalor at 3:19 PM on May 2, 2000

business models are not open for public view....

but when people are somewhat nieve to think that they can continue without clear direction and money coming in.. .other than investments...
posted by efader at 9:48 PM on May 2, 2000

Once again, who died and made you CEO?

You clearly asked, "where is the BUSINESS MODEL" in an earlier post. Why do you feel the need to bring up what you, perhaps naively, believe is a company's poor business plan (that has little to no relationship to your professional responsibilities)?
posted by MarkBakalor at 10:08 PM on May 2, 2000

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