A box of magic
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The Magic Chocolate Flower Dessert was created by Portuguese pastry chef Joaquim Sousa. Here he demonstrates how to make it. (Via)
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they just showed this on MasterChef Australia (well actually I think the episode was shot back in April) - I think what they said was that it's a specialty of guest pastry chef Darren Purchese (but not that he invented it) - anyway, pretty neat!

((well worth watching the entire episode and see how amazingly well some people were able to replicate it, and others, unsurprisingly not so much...))
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Omg, the porn movie saxophone music in the second link...
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So, it seems that the creme sauce is warm.
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((( ^ s07e47 pressure test, for those interested)))
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If you want an English language instruction, Ann Reardon did this in her How To Cook That series.
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Initially I was going to link to the Ann Reardon video, but she is using SO MUCH chocolate for everything in the dish, so I searched for another
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You say "so much chocolate" like that's a problem.
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Haha, this is funny, but no, I meant no offence to any chocolate-lovers or other disadvantaged groups or people
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