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Megasoid started in the winter of 2006/2007 as a Montreal-based mobile soundsystem making aggressive street-bass and remix music. For the following 3 years Vaughn Robert Squire and Hadji Bakara spent their time playing their music out of vans, throwing amps in basements for live sets, lugging modular synths to rooftops of hotels, and setting up big PAs under bridges and at after-hours spots

Megasoid released 2 mixtapes compiled from stuff that they wrote specifically for their live sets. Their mix tapes both charted on year-end lists by Sasha Frere-Jones. (“I have been promising to tell you about ‘lazer bass’ (my own dumb term) for a while now,” “A Fine Blend: The Quietus Writers' Favourite DJ Mix Albums”)

Their debut LP was halfway completed when both members decided to pursue other directions in their lives.

You can download the Megasoid mix tapes , individual tracks and instrumentals by clicking the covers below. from the DJ Catnap blog. Previously
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Man! This is much bigger on the front-page than I realized. I'm very sorry about that.
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I can't listen since I am at work, but the description of their location setups keeps making me think of Vitaly Chernobyl and the Meltdowns from Snow Crash.
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Mod note: Tossed some of it under the fold.
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His approach sounds a lot like the early days of Hip Hop in the late 70's and early 80's. Maybe he's the next Beastie Boys?
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Well, the next nothing, since they've broken up and one of them is getting a PhD in English at U of C.
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Remix Runners is still such a great mixtape. I remember scouring the net for similar stuff but most of it was too much glitch, not enough hop. And you saved me an Ask in jogging my memory about a contemporaneous mix Lazer Sword - Sweatpants Money. [Warning possible autoplay.] I finally know where I heard "That better be a candy bar, cause if you pull it out, you're gonna eat it!" sampled from The Monkey Hustle. I guess that frees up some space in my brain for ... some other trivial crap. Thanks for the post!
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