Snake said he didn't want to talk.
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Kenny "The Snake" Stabler died last week. Sports reporter Bob Padecky recalls a memorable interview with the Oakland Raiders quarterback.
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Listening to the Crimson Tide games with him and Eli Gold was a mainstay of my childhood, not to mention my young adult, years.

'Bye Snake, thanks for balancing out Eli's excitement and pizzazz with your thoughtful and calm tone for so many years.

Roll Tide.
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RIP, Snake.
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As a Steelers fan, I can only hope he's been well-received by the Devil's pine tar covered hands. He was one of the greats.
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I read a story about Stabler this morning. He was playing for Huston, and rolled into warm-ups stone drunk from last night. Threw three picks in the first half, Huston down 21 nothing. Spent halftime puking, announced he was alright. Threw four TDs in the second half, tied the game.

(lost in OT, but still...)
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I was at a Houston Oilers game when Stabler was the QB and I could've sworn he was smoking a cigarette on the sidelines before the game.

RIP, Snake
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Friday I read this appreciation of him from 2013:
But I’ve still always looked at the team across the bay with a little bit of envy. Because they had Kenny Stabler.

Stabler was a good quarterback and fun to watch, but he represented something more. He was everything great about the latter half of the 1970s, with none of the crappy stuff from that era. Stabler was like a Burt Reynolds movie, Willie Nelson song and Bounty paper towel ad, wrapped into one grizzly hard-living package....

Look in the photos I’ve assembled from the Chronicle photo morgue (above), and you’ll see a man who is aging in dog years. He started his NFL career as a 23-year-old who looked 19, and ended as a 38-year-old who looked 70. And yet he kept on slinging. Ken Stabler doubled down on life. And that’s why this 49ers fan is paying tribute.
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The Holy Roller

The Sea of Hands

Youtube is missing the New England Dive for some bizarre reason.

Ken Stabler's like will never be seen again.
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If anyone happens to see the burial arrangements let me know as I'm not seeing anything posted yet. I'll ask family if they've heard anything as well.

I ask because I'm going to Fort Morgan, AL, which is near my home and his, on vacation in about a month and wouldn't mind paying respects if that's where he's going to be buried. I'd be glad to act as proxy for any mefites that are out of reasonable visiting range as well.
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The Flora-Bama Mullet Toss won't be the same without him. Now I need to drink a Bushwhacker to honor his memory.

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Holy shiiiiiiiiiiite, that cocaine bust story!!!!
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readery's link posits that Willie Nelson's version of "Midnight Rider" is the perfect soundtrack to photos of late-70s Stabler. It's a point well taken.
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I first remember becoming aware of Stabler when he was with the Saints. He'd take off his helmet on the sidelines and he had this head of flowing gray-and-blonde hair -- he looked like some kind of pagan warrior.
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I got to be Mr. Stabler's waiter a few years ago when he visited the restaurant I was working for at the time. He was incredibly nice, soft spoken and notably kind to me and the fans who stopped by his table. You could tell he had been pretty beaten up playing football, but he still had that great head of hair, an infectious laugh and didn't seem to take himself too seriously. I guess I looked puzzled when he ordered white zinfandel to drink. (I mean? Ken Stabler?? White zinfandel???) He looked at me with a smile and said, "Yes, white zinfandel. " He then winked at me and tossed back his head and laughed. Just a complete pleasure to be around.

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