I have no idea how he got that cat into/out of that bazooka.
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The constant arms race among the makers of internet cat videos may have its first true superpower: the SUPER EPIC CATS video series started with one cat, a flat-faced slightly-less-grumpy-than-GrumpyCat feline, who, accompanied by a dramatic orchestra, demonstrated his ability to levitate (somewhat disruptively), some impressive potion-mixing (while wearing a Bill Nye bowtie), telekinesis, magnetism, then some loneliness-triggered engineering that ended up creating a challenger, who showed off his laser eyes and other superpowers, after which the cats' human took charge and (with the series' best special effects yet), made his own CATZOOKA!
Enjoy, and be thankful YOUR cats can't do that.
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Funny, and some impressive editing and cat-wrangling. Anybody who has been around Persian cats knows what an achievement it can be to get them to do anything but just sit there wheezing adorably.

(For anybody concerned, these movies do not actually involve any cats getting fired from bazookas.)
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In the same vein, and *incredibly* well done, is Aaron's Animals.
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Happy anniversary, everyone.
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Not to be all pedantic about it but it's an Airzooka not a Bazooka.

Mine was only good for terrorizing annoying the cats.
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Everything about this utterly delights me.
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Actually I was wrong, cats DO get fired out of a bazooka! (I thought I'd clicked the "Catzooka" link before, but apparently I clicked "laser eyes". Still, even my most sensitive fellow kitty lovers probably won't be traumatized by the catzooka clip. I was imagining some kind of cruel "sick and twisted" comedy, but it's really brief and silly.)
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