In conventional camera terms, it’s a 75mm lens at f/8.7
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A story in the Atlantic about "Ralph", the camera taking the tan-and-sepia-toned high-resolution photos of Pluto.

Because different materials shrink at different rates, “We actually built the mirrors and the chassis out of aluminum so that as they shrink, they would shrink together, to maintain the same focal length."
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That's a little thin on details. Try this if you would like to know more: Ralph: A Visible/Infrared Imager for the New Horizons Pluto/Kuiper Belt Mission
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Wow bdc34 that's way more than I could ever ask for!
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That's so cool! Thank you artsandsci!
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Lovely post!
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by happenstance i was just looking for info on LORRI, which is the long range imager.

as far as i can tell it has a mono CCD and no filters:

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Pluto: The Ice Plot Thickens (NASA) - "The latest spectra from New Horizons Ralph instrument reveal an abundance of methane ice, but with striking differences from place to place across the frozen surface of Pluto."
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