John Candy really lost the game for us, and as a crummy Johnny LaRue
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The cast and crew of SCTV play softball (SLYT). The Super 8mm footage of the game, which was taken at a park in Edmonton (possibly Pleasantview Park) in 1982, was discovered by Rose Candy, John's widow. via AV Club.
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I have a somewhat personal connection to this, as it's a cousin of mine around 0:47, but it is great fun just to see all the old Melonvillonians goofing around, although a little poignant to see John Candy again.
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Also, what those Uzbeks did to Johnny LaRue was just terrible.
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John Candy, Eugene Levy, Catherine O'Hara, Dave Thomas, and Rick Moranis calling the game like a pro!
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lots of nostalgia there .. 1982 seems a bit late, but my memory is hazy ...
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Here's a CBC article on the video and an interview with Chris and Jennifer Candy, John and Rose's children. CONFIRMED: It was Pleasantview Park. Also apparently it was a DVD extra that was only uploaded to YouTube recently.
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Hilarious, until that last section, with Moranis and Candy right in the camera lens...

...then a good, solid 5 minutes of sadness missing John and what an amazing character he was.
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Oh, like, you guys never told me about the whole SCTV Archive channel? Buncha hosers.
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That was awesome.
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Sent to the Pleasantview Community League.
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A few years ago I found out my shrink had never heard of SCTV. She was in her late twenties at the time, a very smart, funny, hip lady who is actually kind of a comedy geek. I made some reference to something blowing up real good and she didn't know what I was talking about, and further questioning revealed that she had never heard of SCTV. Somehow it had just never come up in her life at all. That kind of thing makes me weep for the future.

This was a sweet and nostalgic clip, but while it made me miss John Candy it also made me miss Rick Moranis and sigh to think about how great these comedians were and how many of them have spent the last few decades kind of adrift. Lots of mediocre movies, forgettable sitcoms, cheesy kid shows. Joe Flaherty deserves a hell of a lot better than he got.
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I haven't seen SCTV in so long that I remember almost nothing about it except how much I enjoyed it.
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