May 1, 2000
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Guess what is back up and running? That's right, the game everyone loved to play! Laying the smack down never felt so good on some biatch... Pimpwar has returned!
posted by da5id (3 comments total)
Hrm... Metafilter cartel, anybody?
posted by ratbastard at 8:04 AM on May 1, 2000

And they ruined it. They added way more irritating micromanagement and strategy and big flash movies of women getting smacked. Pimping is funny in *theory* only.
posted by lzealand at 8:49 AM on May 1, 2000

Hmm... Meta Filter Cartel? I started a group called the Ghetto Blasters which all you Meta Pimp's are welcome to join. Wonder how long it will take till sombody protests this or the International Pimp Union sues on the grounds of defimation to Pimps and Ho's? (Note: tougne firmly planted in cheeck)
posted by remo at 11:20 AM on May 1, 2000

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